Styling for an Online Webcast or Livestream

Styling for an Online Webcast or Livestream

With the rapidly changing situation the event industry is currently in and the fact that live events are temporarily uncertain, there still are a number of ways to host events especially with the onset of virtual events. As the workforce steadily transitions to working from home and begins video conferencing into meetings, we are now seeing a remarkable interest rise in Webcasting or Livestreaming: that is the power to broadcast your event to the masses. Think of it like TV, but over the internet and controlled to suit target audiences or clients. Virtual Events are here to stay!


Webcasting Stage Sets for Business

For businesses that want to continue to communicate with their customers, internal teams or their industry as a whole, an online event via a webcast is a great alternative given the current scenario.

Types of Webcast

There are various kinds of webcast platforms, from a simple Facetime from your phone or Zoom from your desk, to actual seminars with PowerPoint presentations via a webinar to more sophisticated conference style studio webcasts with Live Q&As from the attendees tuning in. Not to mention inter-office happy hours, award presentations and announcements. We are seeing many companies beginning to use this online medium to host events and share their events with their online audiences.

Styling for a Webcast

The one aspect that many companies overlook in webcasting is styling. In this instance styled backdrops, furniture and accessories for your webcast. Engaging your online audience with a visual medium is key in garnering and keeping their interest going!

With this kind of responsiveness to webcasting, Divine Events has put together some stage sets, that can be used for your next webcast. The key focus of these styles is to present better on camera.

See some of our stage sets below. Note that these can be tailored to suit each online event.

Webcasting Stage Sets

Styling for Wedding Ceremonies

With social distancing measures governing the number of guests you can have at your wedding Ceremony, the best way to be able to share your special day with all your loved ones, is to conduct a Ceremony that is livestreamed to your guests.

We understand that this situation is not ideal and most couples are choosing to postpone their weddings to later in the year or next year. However there are several couples who wish to press ahead and still get married during these times. The primary solution being hosting an online event.

Livestream a Wedding Ceremony

Having a wedding Ceremony as an online event doesn’t have to be daunting. You can still be together with your loved ones and have them be a part of your wedding day. They may not physically be in the room with you, but they can still see, hear and feel the emotion!

Styling for a Livestreamed Wedding Ceremony

Several couples are realising if you plan to Livestream your Wedding, that styling of the space will still be very important. The mood of the livestream will be dictated by the styling choices you make, even more so as the guests can only see what is presentable through the lens of a camera. The furniture, decor and florals you use are still an extension of yourself but must be enhanced for an online event. The flair of the backdrop you create for the perfect setting is paramount!

A great recent example of styling a wedding ceremony in today’s environment is Bindi Irwins wedding announcement. The backdrop, florals, dress and decor are key elements in making her announcement an extension of the couple on their special day!

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With this new focus on livestreaming for Wedding Ceremonies, ‘Married Live’ is our new line of Livestream specific looks that can be used for an online Wedding Ceremony.

The focus of these styles is for a Livestream and highlights how the Ceremony looks when its broadcast online to guests.

See some of our Wedding Ceremony styled backdrops below and know that each Livestream can be tailored to your specific wedding theme.



Married Live - Saying 'I Do' in the Virtual World

All of the above backdrops are just a small set of examples to show you how styling for Online Events is different and to give you an idea of what you should focus on when styling for webcast or a livestream. Our team of stylists can help tailor all aspects of the online event to suit your theme, space, messaging and overall look.

Our team of stylists are happy to help and answer any questions you may have about Webcasting for Business Events or Livestreaming Wedding Ceremonies. We have guided expertise in regards to styling looks for use in Online Events. Not to mention a wide supplier pool who can assist with setting up the technology to make the Online Event happen. Whether you have an AV supplier or not, we can help organise the event and take the stress out of this new seemingly intimidating way of sharing your event online.

If you need an introduction to Online Events with Styled Solutions, please feel free to call us on (02)91254999, send us an email at [email protected] or send us an enquiry below.

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