Your Essential Wedding Planning Checklist

by Divine Events

Your Essential Wedding Planning Checklist

Are you feeling confused and overwhelmed by the well-renowned ‘wedding planning process’? Maybe even dreaming of your magic fairy godmother to swoop down and design it all from a wave of a wand! All these thoughts, feelings and emotions are totally understandable – I mean, it is one of the most important days of your life!

Realistically, as daunting as it may feel, such feelings may be resolved by creating a clear wedding action plan.

In terms of wedding styling, at Divine Events we have your back! Let us help you as we have created the ultimate tip-top wedding hire checklist. This incorporates effective tips and tricks from the ceremony right through to the reception. Create that perfect wedding day you’ve always desired!


Assessing your venue and vision for the wedding day is the first step to understanding the appropriate requirements for any ceremony. The following list provides a general guideline of what a ceremony fundamentally entails, however, different visions and venues call for diverse requirements! So, use this list as a basis, and acknowledge those pieces that would apply to (and compliment) your overall vision and venue.

  1. Guest Chairs / Benches

In the case that your venue requires chair hire or if you are having an outdoor wedding in a park or by the beach, why not use this opportunity to make a statement. If your vision strives for a soft and simple design, adding an elegant, detailed chair will do the trick. As seen below, our ‘Tiffany Chairs’ hold the perfect amount of sophistication that will compliment any ceremony space.

Beach wood chairs with small bouquets of white flowers

A gentle sophistication – Divine Events


  1. Signing Table & Chairs

Signing tables and chairs are a lovely accent to the ceremony, as they sit alongside the central point of the ceremony. Use this opportunity to be unique and bring something new to the ceremonial table! A feature statement, like our Flower Chairs, will most definitely give your ceremony that subtle edge you’re looking for.

Flower themed wedding with pink flower chair

Tropical flower chair – Divine Events


  1. Wedding Ceremony Backdrop

If you desire to tap into your creative side and design something a little extraordinary – the ceremonial backdrop is the perfect opportunity to do so! Apart from the lovely couple saying “I do”, the backdrop is the star of the show as it sets the scene, while every other element should perfectly tie in. A lovely way to shape the central point of the ceremony is to use a wooden arch with draping and floral embellishments – this design would suit the majority of venues or locations.

wooden arch with pink draping on woodland setting

Lovely wooden arch with draping and floral embellishment – Divine Events


  1. Carpet Runner

Walking down the aisle is – hands down – a spectacular moment. With all eyes and cameras on you, this is your moment to feel like royalty! An aisle runner is the perfect accent to make that walk extra special. Traditional white carpet runners are frequently used, or even the famous red. However, in deciding an aisle runner, the main key is to blend this with your chosen colour scheme – even if it requires a colour of a non-traditional kind.

wedding aisle looking out over the sydney harbour

White themed carpet runner – Divine Events


  1. Wedding Signage

What better way to welcome your wedding guests than an elegant welcome sign? As the first point of contact, it sets the scene for the rest of the day – igniting those romantic vibes! Wooden plaques, as seen below, are commonly hired for vintage-inspired ceremonies, but also often placed on an easel to add extra effect.

vintage wedding sign sitting in the woods

Vintage themed signage – Divine Events


  1. Floral Design

When deciding on floral arrangements, your location will best describe where and how you design the space. For example, a church setting would call for a more traditional floral design. While an outdoor ceremony allows for floral embellishment on personalised wedding arches, guest seating, scattered plinths, and the list goes on! Whether your wedding is of a traditional or modern theme, it is important to maintain your floral design throughout the space.

The below image displays how fresh and edgy floral arrangements can really be – without overpowering the scene!

Flower arrangement on top of wedding arches

Fresh & Edgy! Corner Floral Embellishment – Divine Events


The wedding ceremony theme should be consistently carried through to the reception – where guests are seated and dine for the night. Features from the ceremony like floral arrangements can be incorporated on tables, cake decoration, wishing well station, photo backdrops, or even draped from the ceiling! The reception may require additional furniture hire that will ultimately add to the atmosphere and mood of the room.


  1. Chairs & Tables

To successfully achieve your wedding vision and overall look of the reception, guest chair and table hire is may be required – especially if your venue is unable to meet those creative requirements of yours! Incorporating the same style chair for both ceremony and reception is a great idea to uphold consistency, given the possibility of logistics.

Our Tiffany chairs (as seen below) come in a range of colours including gold, silver, black, white and cream. Our Tiffany’s are ready to suit any of your wonderful visions!

White tiffany chairs and table

Sophisticated White Tiffany Chairs – Divine Events


  1. Tableware & Centrepiece 

Creating an appealing table-scape is where the finer details come into play. Features like crystal cut glassware, colourful linens and napkins, and even a stunning set of charger plates create that stand-out effect.

Another great technique to achieve that lovely room ambience is to alternate table centrepieces, and play with height! Surrounding the centrepiece with tealights, candles and striking floral arrangements always creates that romantic glow every reception needs.

branded wedding serviettes

Glass chenderlier

   A lovely ambience – Divine Events


  1. Head Table Backdrop

Similar to the ceremony showpiece, the head table is the central point of the room and calls for a little extra touch. Themed arches are commonly used with floral arrangements and foliage. However, decorative backdrops have become a go-to trend that couples choose to create that point of difference from the rest of the room – be it hanging globe lights, or draping with accompanying fairy lights.

Rustic wedding backdrop with hanging globev lights

Rustic inspired backdrop w/ hanging globe lights, candles & floral arch – Divine Events


  1. Wishing Well Station

There are a variety of ways to design your wishing well – it really depends on the theme you’re going for! You are most likely already familiar with the traditional wishing well, or even the vintage bird cage (as seen below). It’s a lovely little station open to your creativity!

Vintage wishing well station

Vintage Wishing Well Station – Divine Events


We hope this wedding hire checklist has informed you of the main features required for both ceremony and reception venues. Once your location is set, securing these main items is essential, as it begins painting your blank canvas. You will start to see your main design come to light, and then be able to focus on the smaller details that tie in your vision/theme.

Don’t forget – our Divine Events team is always here to help with any further queries you may have regarding wedding styling or hiring.

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