Wishlists, Pinning and Sharing your styling ideas

by Divine Events

Divine Events new fresh website is just under a year old now but has some exciting new features that we wanted to share.

Some of our favourite new functionalities are the share and wishlist buttons available on every product image and event image on our website. As you are browsing the hundreds of products and pictures on our site, when inspiration strikes you have plenty of options! Press the heart to add the image or product to your wishlist which can then be attached to a web enquiry for a stylists to contact you about. Or if you are just gathering ideas press the Pinterest button to add to a mood board or ideas board to get the ball rolling. If you would rather share it on your wall and get a friends opinion than facebook may be a better method, or even email through the email button. All four of these options give users the flexibility to pin, share and exchange ideas with friends as well as our team of stylists.

Adding a product to wishlist


If you are looking for the perfect product try using the search function located in the upper right corner of our site. Our new search function searches not just the hire catalogue but all images across the entirety of the website. This means you can search as broadly as a colour or style and as specific as an individual product.

Once you have found your favourite items you can begin to build a wish list adding in any and all items of interest as you go including event set-up images that you might like as a point of inspiration. Once you have added everything you would like to enquire about go to the upper right corner of the navigation tabs (shown below in a blue square) and click the Wish List button. This will show you a full list of items that you have added and from here you can amend the list if you added anything by accident.

searching for event styling products


Then simply fill out your event details and submit the enquiry for one of our friendly stylists to get in touch to put together a tailored concept and quote! We can’t wait to hear from you!submitting an event styling enquiry



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