What to look for in a Wedding Stylist

by Divine Events

Planning a wedding can be a daunting task, as for most brides, it is their first time planning a wedding and they do not have a clue where to start. Sounds like you? That’s where we come in! Our Wedding Stylists are industry experts who know how weddings work and have even planned their own weddings. In a nutshell, we have been around the block.

I Cant Keep Calm I'm the Bride

Wedding planning can be very stressful, especially, the week leading up to the wedding when family and friends starting coming into town and everybody wants to see the bride. You can’t really blame them, can you? Your wedding is supposed to be the best day of your life so you’ll want to make cherish every moment. Let a Wedding Stylist handle everything. It is YOUR day so ENJOY it!

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Here are our top tips for what to look for in a Wedding Stylist:

  • Personality – Find someone that is professional, fun and relatable. It is easier to talk to someone who you get along with and gets your wedding style. You’ll be speaking to this person from anywhere from 6 to 12 months in the lead up to your wedding so it is best to make it a fun experience along the way.
  • Style – Every wedding styling company has its own style to find a company with photos and products that complement your wedding style. Whether that be traditional or boho, it is always important to do a bit of research to get a sense of what styles they do best.
  • Trends –Wedding Stylists should know current and emerging wedding trends. Whether it be a particular centrepiece or colour palette, ask your stylist what is on trend or if they have any unique styles up their sleeves. Wedding Stylists are eagerly waiting for a bride to ask them for a unique look so they can let their creativity run wild!
  • Knowing How to Work with a Budget – A good Wedding Stylist will ask you if you have a budget you are working towards. It is important to disclose your budget to your Wedding Stylist as it will serve as a guide for the Stylist to choose the centrepieces, florals, etc. that fit within your budget and to assist in you getting the most value for money. The Wedding Stylist’s main goal is to work with you. Of course, a Wedding Stylist is not a Fairy God Mother and sometimes won’t be able to fit everything in the budget. In this case, the Stylist will make suggestions for alternatives that will be better suited to work towards your budget, it is important to let the Wedding Stylist know what is “a must have” vs “a nice to have.”
  • Problem Solver – In the world of events, the unknown will happen. Wedding Stylists are well aware of this and have been through it all. Should anything happen not according to plan, it is important to allow the Wedding Stylist to make executive decisions on the day. Your Wedding Stylist has your best interests in mind and treats each wedding like it was their own. It is important to have someone who can think on their feet and is solution driven.

We hope our quick list helped you get a better idea of how to choose a Wedding Stylist.

To contact one of our fabulous Wedding Stylist, please feel to call us on 02 9125 4999 or send through an enquiry to [email protected].


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