Wedding Styling Tips for a Memorable Wedding Day

by Divine Events

As I plan the styling for my own wedding day, I have come to properly understand the pressure and stress that a lot of brides feel. For so many booking a band, celebrant, cake, venue, styling etc. can become very overwhelming as it’s the first time booking these kinds of suppliers. From working in the industry I could easily tick off a lot of boxes on my to do list, but when it came to a cake supplier I started to worry that I would make the wrong choice and pay to much or wind up with something that didn’t taste lovely on the night.

I can only imagine how difficult of a decision it would be to feel this way about each and every supplier and decision. But the good news is we are here to help!

As wedding stylists we love what we do and more than anything we want to help you make your dream day come to life and make it a stress free experience so you can enjoy your big day.

Below are some of our tips from a styling perspective to help you enjoy your wedding day to the fullest:

1. Set a budget and share it with your stylist

Even the largest and grandest weddings have a budget. Letting your wedding stylist know your budget allows them to make suggestions for alternate options or pieces that you might not have considered that could create your desired look. We work across a wide range of budgets and always provide fully itemised quotes so you can see down to the finite details exactly what each element costs.

2. Let the styling help differentiate your wedding

We often meet with brides who have had sisters or close friends get married before them and there is a big focus on making their special day different and unique from what they have seen in the past. Through wedding styling we can help you personalise and tailor all of the decorative elements for your day. Sometimes it is the very small touches such as a cut glass charger plate or a custom napkin that takes a design to the next level. Even if you have very similar taste to your friends we can help you find the point of difference that works for your desired look in feel. Or if you have very different taste we can help you come up with something fabulous and unique – we love thinking outside of the box so let us help you create a one-of-a-kind look.

3. Make sure you love the styling, or in other words make sure there aren’t too many cooks in the kitchen

It is wonderful to have your partner, mother, sister, friends and family involved in decisions for your wedding day, but try to make sure your opinion gets considered in the mix. Everyone has a different idea of what a wedding should look like, but more than anything your wedding day is about you as a couple. Make sure you both love the styling for your big day and that it is true to you as a couple. Always try to be respectful and consider others opinions about how things should look but your opinion is truly the one that matters most! Don’t question or second guess something that you really want or love for your wedding day because someone else doesn’t like it.

4. Have a wet weather plan! And make sure to tell your stylist!!

If any part of your wedding ceremony or reception is outdoors make sure you have a back up plan in case of wet weather. Make sure to fill your wedding stylist in on your wet weather plan as well so we can come up with an alternate set-up or floor plan for the plan B venue to make sure that your dream day looks just as perfect inside as it would have outside. Although the plan B is always the worst case scenario, it’s nice to know that no matter the weather everything is in place if you need to make a quick change.

5. Enjoy the day

Leave the finer details and the running around to us. Although DIY options can sometimes save on costs it often creates stress that isn’t worth the savings. Going to the flower markets at 5 a.m. on your wedding day isn’t much fun, nor is making your mum do it! We are a professional team of stylists who offer our creative services free of charge but have a huge warehouse of products to help you style with. We have an in-house florist to do everything from your bouquets to your centrepieces, and we offer end to end styling. Let us help make your day absolutely blissful and fabulous!

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