Trends Alert – Coloured Linen!

by Divine Events

If there is something Divine Events stylists are loving at the moment are the trends in coloured, patterned and textured linen!

Retire the classic white napkins and tablecloths, upgrade to something with a little more pizzazz and style for your next occasion.


Coloured Linen

Coloured linen comes in a large range of colours and textures. For tablecloths, the options are almost endless with over 20+ colours available in satin, linen, and organza overlays, there is even a range of sequin tablecloths now available. It allows you to add a real pop to your event for a fraction of the price compared to other styling elements.


A massive trend right now is; using a sequin cloth on just the bridal table to make it that little bit more special. Some brides are now even opting for a round bridal table contrary to the traditional long rectangle table and using the sequin cloth to set it apart from the guest tables.


Linen matching Corporate colours

For corporate events, linen is a great way to subtley bring through the companies colours without having to have logos printed or plastered everywhere. This will also tie in nicely with any banners or promotional material that may be lightly scattered around the room. The photo below is from a ‘Venus – Smart Girls Guide’ event using the company colours of soft pink (linen) and the pale blue (mason jars).

Venus Smart Girls Guide to Shaving

Another way of incorporating coloured linen for maximum impact is teaming it up with a stunning show plate. The gold or silver charger plates will help break up strong or bold colours whilst also integrating another element of your palette onto your tablescape. Alternatively you may choose to go with a clear glass decorative plate to still allow the colour to come through but add texture.


Napkin Rings

Thinking a little out the square when it comes to colours, why not go a little further and think outside the square napkin shape. Utilising a napkin ring holder or even string for a more rustic look, you can change the shape of the napkin to do something your guests may not have seen before and leave a great first impression when they arrive at their table.


Warning! – Just be careful not to overdo the colour palette and introduce too much by adding a variety of coloured napkins and table linen and chair sashes and runners, etc. When applying this trend to your event, stick to 1-2 colours only or as shown below, multiple colours can look amazing if contrasted with a neutral tone.


Mixing and matching patterns and textures can be a hard one to nail, but when done properly it can look amazing. If you want to experiment with some different colour combinations, patterns and textures speak to one of our stylist to get some professional advice on customising this style to your colour tones and theme. Our stylists offer consultations in our Lane Cove West showroom and would be delighted to show you our range on offer!


Enjoy & Good Luck!

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