Importance of Staging for a Livestream

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The Importance of Stage Sets for a Livestream

As our world continues to move further into a digital marketplace, Webcasting or a Livestream have become popular tools for presentations, product launches, conferencing etc. As with all other visual mediums, the overall look of your presentation has a large effect on how your audience receives it. While most suppliers and studios may offer basic packages for your background, seating, product display etc, a custom created stage set put together by one of our stylists can have a big impact the success of your streamed presentation. Thus taking it to a more interesting or sophisticated level.

live stream video table

Set the scene

The right stage setting can subconsciously set your viewers mind on your desired track from the very start of your presentation. Whether you are trying to portray a strong, professional air to your video or wanting to create a fun, vibrant setting that will showcase your brand and product. Our team of stylists are able to put together a stage setting that through the correct use of colour, shape and style can visually translate to your desired effect to your audience. Thus further enhancing the message of your presentation.


Create a comfortable atmosphere for your hosts

Webcasting can be a daunting task for your hosts. The knowledge that their every word and movement is captured by the camera and broadcast to thousands of viewers can be quite intimidating, especially for anyone who has not presented in such a way before.

A well designed stage set can do a lot to help nervous hosts feel more comfortable in their presentation by making them feel more comfortable in their surroundings. By providing a comfortable setting for them to sit amongst, you can instil a sense of ease. Similar to how your host would feel were they speaking from their own living rooms.

The use of comfortable seating will help to physically relax your hosts, avoiding any awkward shuffling and twitching. While the use of soothing colours and textures throughout the space can help to mentally calm them as well.

Showcasing other decorative feature items within the stage set such as floral arrangements, plants or other props will help your hosts feel less solitary on set. As even though they are the main focal point, they are still a part of environment.

stage livestream

Captivate your audience

It can be hard to maintain your audience’s attention, especially if they are watching remotely in their own homes with multiple other distractions for your presentation to contend with. Setting your hosts within a bland, static space is unlikely to hold your audience’s undivided attention for the full length of your presentation.

static grey background

Instead, setting your hosts within a more interesting background will draw your viewer’s eye back to the screen and their attention back to the presentation itself. The use of difference colours, textures, shapes and heights will translate a more dynamic effect through the camera lens. Making the overall presentation more interesting as a whole for your viewers to watch.

livestream video grey backdrop


Our dedicated team of Stylists are happy to help ensure that any backgrounds we style are tailored to your vision and budget in keeping with the current guidelines. We are ready to answer any questions you may have about Webcasting for Business Events as we have specific expertise in regards to styling looks for use in Online Events. Not to mention a wide supplier pool who can help with setting up the tech to make the Online Event happen.

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