How To Style Your Corporate Event Using Colour

by Divine Events

You have been given the task to organise your companies next corporate event. You are in the midst of viewing several venues to decide if they are the right fit for your event. Ideas f themes keep swirling around inside your head, but none of them is quite right. Why not try styling your event using lots of colour? Here is a “How to” on styling your event using colour.

1. Pick a Neutral Base Colour: When styling a corporate event, adding pops of colour to a neutral base colour gives a sophisticated look. Use black or white for the best results. In the concepts I have given in this post, I have gone with a base colour of black. You’ll notice the overall look is high end and on trend.

2. Add ‘Pops’ of Colour: ‘Pops’ of colour can be additional styling items like cushions. Soft furnishings are a great way to give your theme character. Cushions, throw rugs and floor rugs could just be what you need to really make your colourful theme sing. Choose cushions with unique patterns, or repeat patterns. Chevron is a big trend at the moment so add this into a base of black furniture for an instantly chic lounge setting. You might like to also add pops of colour to your setting by adding coloured stools to a black cocktail table or a colourful occasional chair to your lounge setting.

3. Make it Special: Add hints of metallics. Using a neutral base colour and adding pops of colour isn’t completely finished until you make it special. Adding either gold of silver will give your look another layer. You could use a silver or gold side table in your lounge setting, silver or gold tea light candles on your cocktail tables or a metallic vase to hold your flowers arrangements.

4. Flowers and Foliage: Choose flower arrangements that are the one colour. You might include several different varieties to give you lots of texture but keep the colours the same. Go for lush flower varieties and vibrant colours like fuchsia phalaenopsis orchids, bright pink peonies, orange or yellow columbian roses or large white dahlias. A small amount of green foliage will freshen and complete your look.

5. Unique Props: A colourful themed party calls for a little bit of quirk. Why not present your flower arrangements in white vases in the shape of a crumpled paper bag or include feature pendant lights in the shape of bowler hats!

You now have three layers to your theme; a neutral base, ‘pops’ of colour and hints of metallics. You have a theme that has depth and gives your event the WOW factor. Your colourful theme is looking mighty special and you’ve topped off you look with lush flower varieties and green foliage. Your theme is on trend and its small quirks sets it apart from the rest. It would be hard not have a tonne of fun at an event as colourful as this.

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Chevron Range Mood Board

Alice Chegvron Range Lounge Setting

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