How to Incorporate Wedding Flowers into Your Centrepieces Within Your Budget

by Divine Events

As a stylist we all dream of filling a venue with a sea of beautiful blooms  – suspended from the ceiling, trailing down the front of the bridal table, dripping from every centrepiece…but for many heaps of blooms simply blow the budget!

Below are a few ideas on how to incorporate flowers into your centrepieces while keeping your wedding day budget in check

1. Tealight posies – rather than having a large feature floral arrangement in the middle, try using small tealight posies of blooms around a non-floral centrepieces such as a candelabra, birdcage, or elegant candlesticks. These small touches of floral will draw the eye and allow you to have flowers on every table centrepiece while keeping your budget down. If you want something a little bit more unusual you can wire the posies onto the centrepiece.

Tealight Posies

2. Using seasonal blooms over premium blooms – If more than anything you want a beautiful floral arrangement on your table talk to your stylist about using seasonal blooms rather than specific blooms. This allows us to pick the largest, lushest and prettiest blooms that are available at the flower markets the week of your wedding that fit within your budget rather than budgeting for a specific flower type that might not be as hearty or readily available. You will still end up with a beautiful arrangement that suits your colour palette and theme.

Seasonal Floral Arrangement

3. Using branches or blossom – if you have a venue with high ceilings it is hard to pass up a tall floral arrangement. A great way to get the best of both worlds is using torched willow or cherry blossom in your arrangements to offer height while keeping budget conscious. Whereas a large floral arrangement can cost anywhere from $150-300 a large bunch of blossom would only be around $55-75 per table.  Blossom will give you the height and impact of a large arrangement without the price point!


4. Alternating centrepieces – if you are having more than 10-15 tables alternating centrepieces is another great option to work within a budget. Since non-floral centrepieces such as candelabras are usually $30-50 a table, and flowers tend to run from $60 upwards for a large scale arrangement you can cut your cost in half just by alternating the centrepiece design and it looks fantastic! Particularly when you have a lot of tables a variance in height and style draws the eye across the room rather than every table looking identical.Centrepiece

Centrepiece 2


Get in touch with a stylist today to discuss your dream centrepiece. We are here to help guide you and make decor decisions a breeze!

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