Tips On How to Choose Your Wedding Flowers

by Divine Events

Selecting wedding flowers can be a daunting task if you don’t regularly order or work with flowers. Below are a few helpful tips and tricks on how to choose the perfect blooms and bouquets for your wedding day.

1. Look into seasonality based on your wedding date.

Although flowers are imported to Australia from all over the world, seasonality still restricts what you can guarantee is available during certain times of year. For example peonies are really only in luscious full season in the month of November. Depending on the weather they might bloom a bit earlier or later so you may see peonies in October or December, but they are in their prime during November. You will also see peonies imported when it is summer overseas but sometimes weather or even overseas popularity of a flower will see them imported one year and gone the next. Familiarise yourself with what is in season that you can choose your wedding flowers from to start brainstorming ideas.


2. Narrow down what draws you to certain types of flowers – is it colour, texture or both?

Lets say you have fallen in love with ranunculus, one of our favourite little flowers from the field, but discover it isn’t available for your March wedding. A little heart broken you try to find something to replace this bloom in your bouquets. When this happens I recommend considering why you like the flower – is it the fullness and shape, the texture, or the colour. If you can pinpoint the main things you like about a flower a stylist can often recommend alternate flowers available in that month.

ranunculusSticking with ranunculus below are some examples. If you love the fullness of ranunculus and the tightly layered petals, a David Austin roses may be a good alternate. You can create similar wedding flower designs with these blooms and they have a similar style and texture.

David Austin Rose


If it is the bright array of colours that ranunculus are available in dahlias or chrysanthemums could be a perfect substitute. They are very different in style and texture but they come in the same rich palette from plum to bright yellow.


3. Browse magazines, flower shops and pinterest

A very obvious suggestion, but how often do you walk by a beautiful flower at a shop without asking what it is? Make sure to take note of flowers that you like – snap a photo on your phone or pencil a little note to yourself when you see something you like, or even try a handy flower identification app if you are feeling tech savvy.

With magazines remember that most bridal magazines are styled and released by the season so see if you can find older magazines through friends or family from previous seasons that line up with your wedding date. Although the dresses may be a year old, the flowers will be for the right season!

Also use these tools to pick up on how florists and stylists talk about flowers. What is a dome arrangement versus an unstructured arrangement? Do you want foliage spread throughout your arrangements, just around the “collar”, or only in tiny pops. Look for wedding flower designs that you like and again pinpoint what part of the arrangements you like.

Vibrant Bouquet

4. Chat to a stylist

We are here to help! We love flowers and can give you a list of suggestions to explore when deciding on your wedding flowers. We can also help you look at arrangement styles and shapes that will best suit the other elements of your big day such as your dress and venue. Pick our brains and ask lots of questions we are more than happy to assist!

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5. Organise a mock-up

A mock-up is generally organised 2-4 weeks prior to your wedding date and is a “mock” of your bouquet or arrangements. A mock will give you the peace of mind that everything you have selected is what you expect and  that you and your stylist are on the same page. You can organise a small scale mock with the same ingredients to keep the cost to a minimum but still getting the same preview of what is available.

Bright Punchy Florals

I hope these tips help make selecting your wedding day flowers fun and stress free!

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