Friday Fleur Files: Dahlia

by Divine Events

Availability: Summer, Autumn, Winter

The dahlia belongs to the daisy family and is native to Mexico. These flamboyant plants occur in shades of white and cream to bright yellow and deep red. Dahlias have attractive foliage, with deep green to bright green lobed leaves, hollow stems, and bold flowerheads that vary greatly. Flowers of Dahlia species can be large and showy making this type of flower a perfect ingredient to a bridal bouquet. The Dahlia can act as a showpiece in the bouquet while additional foliage and flowers with smaller heads surround the pompom like plant.


If you wanted to keep your bridal bouquet or centrepiece made up of Dahlia’s, keep in a vase with clean water. To extend the already long life of a Dahlia, trim the stems and change the water daily.

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