Featured Theme: Masquerade

by Divine Events

It was one of our most popular themes for corporate parties in 2014. To coincide with Baz Lurhman’s blockbuster film, The Great Gatsby, everyone wanted to attend a party of lavish proportions just like the parties Gatsby was renowned for hosting.

So lets look at what makes up a Masquerade themed event. Masquerade parties were made famous in the bygone eras when throwing decedent and lavish parties was normal. These parties were typically held in the oversized manors of the parties host, which were adorned in most luxurious furniture of the time.

When considering a Masquerade themed event for your next corporate party, using a combination of black and gold furniture and soft furnishings will convey the lavish nature of the parties you are simulating. Decorations such as ostrich feathers and crystals, overflowing from a martini glass, candlelight and detailed masks will assist in portraying the grander of your event.

Masquerade Event

Masquerade Lounge Setting

Masquerade Themed Masks Vintage CarGold Tiffany Chair Cafe SettingMasquerade Lobby Lounge SettingMasquerade Gold and Black Armchairs

Don’t hesitate to contact Divine Events if you would like an event styled like this one featured here. We look forward to hearing from you.


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