Fabulous Wooden Wedding Arches – Feature Product

by Divine Events

We have recently designed two fabulous new arches to make your wedding styling even more amazing!

Wooden Wedding Arch

The first is a wooden ceremony arch. Available in chocolate brown, blonde wood, or white this simple arch structure is perfect on its own, draped with billowing chiffon, or dressed with flowers. Perfect for a rustic outdoor wedding or even inside of an intimate venue as a bit of decoration. These are newly built and ready for your big day!


Wooden Wedding Arch

Photography by Angela Rose Photography

Over the table arch

Have you fallen in love with a heritage listed venue with no rigging points for lights or flowers? Then this is the perfect solution for your big day!

The over the table arch is a free standing metal frame that can either sit behind your bridal table, or be structured to fit in between the tables on your head table. Weighted with base plates this structure is subtle but sturdy enough to hold a floral feature or light weight chandeliers.

Luna Park Wedding Expo_045 edit

Photography by Oneill & Page Weddings

Contact us today to enquire about either of these fabulous new products.

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