Featured Product: Blonde Wood Chandeliers

by Divine Events

Why not make your lighting a feature with our Blonde Wood Chandeliers?

These gorgeous pieces come in a range of different shapes and sizes, and look wonderful in a cluster or on their own. Although they are single pendant chandeliers the largest spans close to 50cm in height and the smallest is around 30cm so they are large enough to have a presence if hung individually over a cocktail table or dining table, or they can be strung along a ladder or hung in a large scale cluster for big impact in a large space.

With their geometric shape and blonde wood colouring they look fantastic with clean and modern themeing – partner with geometric vases, a mirror runner and funky florals for a chic dinner party. Or intertwine them with vases and flowers and pair them with rustic wooden crates and trailing floral arrangements for a whimsical bohemian feel.

We loved styling them with a long vintage wooden ladder and an asparagus fern and ivy foliage installation for our photo shoot


Click here to check out the shapes and sizes available in this fantastic feature chandelier.

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