Event Styling Tips for Styling Your Wedding Reception

by Divine Events

Event Styling Tips for Styling Your Wedding Reception

Whether you are planning a formal sit-down affair, casual cocktails or a playful brunch styling for your wedding reception plays a huge role in the overall feel for the day.  There are a few ways to create you dream look and set the vibe for your reception but the most important key is to keep things consistent. Once you have booked in your dream venue take the time to determine your overall wedding vision. Your wedding style can be whatever you want it to be, glamorous, minimalist, rustic, French countryside…the look you want to create is 100% yours but everything should come together at the end of the day and compliment each other. All areas of your big day from furniture, table-scapes, linen and floral design should fit together like a puzzle piece. Make sure to draw on items used in your ceremony also, rather than try to create a whole new look for your reception, this will help to keep everything cohesive in your photos and to make the look of the day flow nicely. So, let’s talk wedding reception styling and how to keep it all together!

Hanging tea lights

Pick a style you love and work it! – Brides of Adelaide

Tapping into Table-scapes

When considering your table and the image you want to achieve think of the table as a blank canvas on which you can build with tableware, glassware, florals, textiles and centrepieces. To take your table to the next level and create something spectacular don’t be afraid to get creative, mix-up layers and colours with show plates, napkins, menus and place cards. Once you have these down add in decorative items such as herbs, flowers, shells, fresh fruit, whatever gets that table looking unique and special to you and ties into the overall wedding vision.

Your wedding table-scape is your opportunity to create something truly beautiful, you can even add in some personal touches like a small thank you gift, note or hand written poem so that each guests feels special, like you have taken the time to think about how to make this day a truly memorable experience for them as well as your you and your partner.

Tablescapes for receptions

Bringing in the Blues – Divine Events

Mix-up those textiles

Never underestimate the impact of a luxurious piece of fabric. Carefully consider your colour palette and then build on this by incorporating different textures and materials throughout the reception space. This way you can create a stylish setting that is both stunning and unique to you. Layers will further push your wedding day style beyond its boundaries by giving the whole look depth.

For your tables forget the standard, venue supplied white linen and switch things up with some beautiful cloths that will take your tables to the next level. Decadent table cloths help to deliver a deluxe feel without breaking your budget. Adding in a napkin will can also help to compliment your tablescape. And for other textile elements to play with in the space consider some gorgeously styled lounge pods with sofas and armchairs in rich hues. Your guests will thank you for letting them take some time out on the big day to relax and unwind on plush velvet or soft linen after the ceremony. Just remember to style them up with some beautiful cushions to help bring in the illusion of depth and mix-up those textiles for a look that will stand out.

Rattan lounge setting

Transform with Tones and Textures – Divine Events

Get those champagne bottles popping!

OK so we weren’t going to forget the most important component to any big day. The champagne bar! Easily the most favourite element of any wedding day and let’s face it the first place your guests will head once the dinner is done and dancing has begun. As it is such a central point of activity and focus the bar is a chance for you to extend your creativity and push those styling boundaries. Forget hiding it away in one of the corners of the room and make it a feature your guests will enjoy.

The tired and tested trestle table with the white table cloth is getting pushed aside for modern, chic, rustic or even bespoke bars that make a statement and create a personalised look for the event. If you have already decided on the overall style for your big day then consider the colours and materials that already exist throughout your wedding day vision and transfer this to your bar set-up. Your bar should work together with all other pieces of furniture you have incorporated into the space including cocktail settings, tables and lounges. Working with your Wedding & Events Stylist on a mood board will help to ensure this whole look ties together cohesively.

Martha Stewart white bar with foilage

Time for a something fresh and fruity – Martha Stewart Weddings

Say it with a backdrop

Have you considered a photo opportunity or backdrop to your stunning bridal table? Using a backdrop can really help to define and frame a particular space. This is especially a good idea if your venue is quite large, as it will help to create a feature for your guests (and also look great in photos!).

When choosing a backdrop no matter where it is going to sit within the space, think back again to the overall style of your wedding day. For example, a green wall with some faux Palms can help to create a tropical luxe effect while a circle arch adorned in florals can introduce a modern luxe feel. You can also customise your backdrop with unique signage to complete the look.

If your planning your big day to be completely indoor a backdrop can also assist in hiding those unsightly and permanent details such as powerpoints or outlandishly patterned curtains.

Festoon light backdrop

Get it Glowing with a Divine Candle Backdrop – Divine Events

Your day is there to reflect and your partners love and commitment to each other and also your personal style. That said keeping things in line with one another and by playing off particular colours, textures and layers whilst not diverting too far from your chosen theme and vision will create a stunning display throughout the entire day which your guests will marvel at. And if your not sure, just ask your Wedding & Events Stylist for assistance, Divine Events is there to help make your day a stunningly memorable one.

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