Decor + Design 2015 Expo Inspiration

by Divine Events

We headed to Melbourne to explore the Decor  + Design Expo to get some inspiration for another year of exciting events and products.

Decor + Design is “Australia’s premier interiors event, showcasing the latest interior products & furnishings from leading companies.” One of the highlights of this expo is the VIVID display (Vibrant Visions in Design). VIVID showcases dynamic emerging Australian designers with a mixture of market-ready and prototype furniture and lighting.

One of our favourite pieces was the Wine Stool inspired by the relationship between a cork and wine bottle. Constructed from a modern wire frame topped with a maple wood cork seat, this stool doesn’t require any fasteners, screws or glue. We love the pop of colour through powder coating making this stool fresh and modern looking.

Wine stool



It is no surprise this stool and matching pendant light won the GlobeWest Furniture Award of Excellence in Design. Congratulations Gabriella Aliwarga, we are loving your work!

Vivid winner Gabriella Aliwarga


Equally unique and impressive was Richard Greenacre’s Agave Credenza that took home the Dowel Jones Furniture Concept Award of Excellence in Design. Inspired by the layers of the agave plant this credenza has an armoured like finish made up of hand-cast acrylic tiles. We love the muted palette of golds and blues combined with the blonde wood frame. We have no doubt that warm gold and copper tones aren’t going anywhere for this summer!

Vivid winner Richard Greenacre


The retro frame takes on a modern twist with the layered tile front, we have seen this mixture of eras a lot of coffee tables and lounges over the past few months and can’t wait to see what other interesting combinations emerge over the next year combining elements from multiple eras.

Agave credenza

A final designer that we admired during the expo was Zev Bianchi from Bcompact Design. His DecoDrop Pendant has 25 adjustable facets allowing the owner to shape and modify the final look of the pendant. It bends and connects with built in tabs so it doesn’t require any tools for assembly and is the second design in this flat-packed lighting range. Lightweight and fluid this pendant chandelier caught our eye with it’s natural sense of movement even though it does not have any moving parts.

The chandelier has an art deco feel in the geometric design but the metallic finish makes it modern and sleek. The adjustable design allows you to control the amount of light that filters through the pendant so you can project modern geometric textures on the wall, or just have it as a suspended illuminated pendant. These beautiful lights are available for sale now in stainless steel and brass.

Bcompact pendant lights

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