Corporate Event Styling Tips

by Divine Events

Corporate Event Styling Tips

Organising a corporate event this year? Here are some simple but effective styling tips to take your next corporate event to the next level.


Know your budget range

Styling and décor packages can range from simple and minimal to extravagant and elaborate pending on the client’s requirements and preferences, and as so the overall costs for décor and styling can vary greatly from event to event.
As an event stylist before we start on any new concept we like to have an understanding of our client’s budget range, requirements and preferences in order to ensure we can provide the most cost effective solutions within the specified range.
Do you prefer quantity over quality? We can focus our quote towards more bang-for-your-buck items and cut back on the additional features.
Is this a VIP event? We can provide plenty of premium options for you to choose from.
We know planning an event is time-consuming, so we want to be sure to provide you with the best options possible from the very start so we don’t waste any of your time.


Be sure the theme or style you are going for works with the existing space

Make things easier on yourself from the start and choose a theme or style that works with the existing space.
Think about the venues existing décor, view and location – a light filled beach front venue is a perfect place for a Tropical theme but not so great for a Winter Wonderland setting.

Large event room with purple backlit stage  

Coastal styling event with beach anchor


Know your Guest Demographic

To ensure that your guests get the most out of your event think about their preferences and personalities when putting together your theme and styling.
Different themes, colours or styles may be appealing to one demographic yet off-putting to another.
Are the majority of the guest’s 30 year old females or 50 year old males? Is it a very loud, outgoing bunch or are most quite reserved?
You may not be able to please everybody, but if the majority of your event are enjoying themselves the fun will catch on to the rest.

Coachella styled corporate event  Dark lounge style corporate event


Create a Grand Entrance

Set the mood of the night right from the start and make your guests feel like celebrities by creating a grand entrance for them.
Plush red carpets, bright balloon arches and striking floral arrangements are some of our favourites to work with.

Blue lit entrance to corporate event Red carpet bridge entrace with sydney harbour bridge in the background Green carpet entrace to carriageworks


 Don’t be afraid to play with colour

Black is a strong, striking colour and we love to work with it, however it can also suck the life and glamour out of a space if not used well.
Instead of automatically opting for the black table linen and black chair covers on your next event, try blending in some other moody tones such as navy, bottle green, dove grey etc.
These colours will still create a sophisticated and subtle base while lifting the overall look and highlighting the rest of your items.

Dove grey linen with premium floral table Set table with blue ombre linen and marble vases


Flowers aren’t exclusively for Weddings

Many corporate clients have come to us in the past with a fear that using florals in their styling package will make the space seem either too feminine or too much like a wedding.
Flowers and foliage come in a vast variety of colours and styles.
If you are concerned about your space being too “pretty” then consider using ingredients such as Australian natives or mixed foliage arrangements for a more organic, striking look.

Vase with native florals Yellow florals with yellow car in background Foliage with gold candle sticks


Don’t be afraid to mix metals and textures

Gold, silver and copper are the big three metals we tend to work with the most in our concepts.
When done correctly, mixing your metal colours and item textures can create a very dynamic look to the space.
Smooth chrome vases paired with gold Mercury votives or a mix of smooth and fluffy flowers against a sharp mirrored base both contrast against and complement each other, creating extra depth and vibrancy to your look.
Don’t be afraid to go against the grain (or shine)!

Purple back lit corporate event Ballon wall with gold cocktail furniture corporate event


 Play with height

One of the simplest ways to create a sense of grandeur within your space is create your look not just along the horizontal line of sight but the vertical as well.
If you’re lucky enough to have a venue with high ceilings you could consider using chandeliers, pendant lights, draping etc to dress the area above.
If your venue doesn’t allow for ceiling rigging you can still achieve a sense of layered height by using alternate height lounge seating, cocktail tables and centrepieces or adding in a feature drapeline or screens along the side or back of your space.

Trailing ivy staircase Gold pendant chandlier in corporate lobby winter wonderland corporate event


The small details can have a big impact

Just as accessories outfit complete an outfit small details enhance your overall styling.
Something as simple as a small foliage sprig on your guest’s napkins or a personalised seating chart instead of your venues standard print out add an extra level of opulence to your event and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Gold framed corporate black boards Autumn tones set table Bright ribbon backdrop with vases in the foreground


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