Feature Flower: Billy Buttons

A fetching and fun flower you have probably seen these blooms in arrangements and flower shops but might not have known their name. Billy buttons are fun little bright yellow sphere flowers that are unique to Australia and New Zealand though they are starting to pop up in floral designs all over the world. This ingredient is wonderfully versatile since they are naturally yellow but can also be dyed a selection of colours including red, orange and green. They have a lovely softness when used fresh in bouquets or centrepieces, but they can also be used dried for a retro or contemporary arrangement.

Also known as Drumsticks, Craspedia, Billy Balls and Woolyheads these pops of colour are a bit quirky and fun to use on their own in small bud vases or decorative glassware if you are going for a vintage or hodge podge style centrepiece. They can also be blended into a bright summery mixture or used as a touch of colour for an all white arrangement or bouquet. With a great texture they add a nice contrast to soft full blooms and their bright colour is cheery and fun. I personally love them for buttonholes – a lot of grooms aren’t comfortable with flowers so finding something that can be styled with a touch of foliage to look bright and summery yet still masculine is a wine!

As these little delights are getting more global recognition and love they are starting to be grown throughout the world and becoming available and imported all year round.

Photo Credits: Orange Turtle Photography, Fleur Dujour Chicago & Elizabeth Anne Designs