A Useful Corporate Event Hire Checklist

by Divine Events

Coordinating all of the styling elements for a corporate event can be a daunting task. Below is our cheat sheet of sorts – a corporate event hire checklist highlighting all of the styling elements to remember for your next gala dinner or cocktail party.

Gala Dinner Checklist

1. Tables and chairs – see what the venue has on offer and how it works in with the overall aesthetic. Many venues can now provide rounds or banquet style tables to offer you a variety of configurations for your tables. If they don’t have what you need we can assist with providing round, oval or trestle style tables. For chairs it is good to know what is on offer and as you build your budget see if you have the option to upgrade to a speciality chair such as a Tiffany or ghost chair.

2. Linen and napery – again always see what the venue can provide first. Generally white linen and napkins are standard, though more venues are branching out and offering black as well. Black and white are great neutral bases to build up an exciting or elaborate centrepiece, or if you are working within a budget a hired linen in a rich colour is a great option to bring something special to the tablescape without having to spend a lot. We stock a wide variety of specialty linens and napkins and even have the capacity to custom design and print linen so the sky is the limit!

3. Centrepieces – this is where building the tablescape gets really fun! The centrepieces really set the tone of the room as they are generally the first thing your eye is drawn to in a space. If you are going to lavish budget anywhere on the night I always suggest doing son on the centrepieces. Guests sit and stare at the centrepiece all night long, particularly in between presentations or awards so make sure the tables are inviting and elegant to capture their attention.

4. The finer details – charger plates, cutlery, and glassware are beautiful extra details to layer onto the table to offer a point of difference. Although there is nothing wrong with using standard cutlery or glassware, bringing in a touch of colour or a textured charger plate can really take a tablescape to the next level.

5. General room décor – do you need draping, chandeliers, an entry feature, or other room décor? Once we have helped you design the central space we can then branch out into the wider venue and fill in any additional décor you may need to bring the space to life. This may be two feature arrangements at the entrance and for the stage, or just one glittering feature chandelier, but these extra touches can have enormous impact.

6. Lighting -although this generally falls into the realm of AV rather than styling, don’t forget ambient lighting for the night be it candles, chandeliers, or up-lights. Subtle styling elements that offer additional mood lighting can further enhance what your AV team has planned for the space.

Cocktail Party Checklist

1. Cocktail tables and stools – Take a look at the style of the venue and what they have available on site, and what your event requirements are. We offer a wide variety of cocktail tables and stools to suit a range of themes. You may find that the venue only has a handful of tables to offer so it’s not bad to consider from scratch your cocktail furniture décor. We generally recommend enough seats between stools and lounges to seat 1/3 of the guests in attendance so keep this in mind as you look at quantities

2. Lounge pods – lounges come second for one main reason, they take up more space and they generally offer fewer seats! One cocktail table can seat 3-8 guests and takes up the amount of space of once small lounge pod that will usually only seat 3-4 guests. If you are tight on space opt for more cocktail tables and less lounge furniture, but a few feature lounges are great if you have enough budget.

4. General room decor & lighting- As per above once you have the core space filled with enough seating and furniture you can allocate remaining budget to draping and chandeliers, or mood lighting for the space.

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