5 Event Styling Tips for your Next Corporate Product Launch

by Divine Events

Product launches are a great opportunity for out of the box thinking when it comes to styling. You have a new innovative product that you are introducing to the market, and the event sets the tone for the personality and look for the product. Below are some tips for making the best use of styling for your next launch event.

1. Partner your décor and your product – pick a colour and a theme to match the product being introduced and string this throughout the entire launch. This will help all areas of interaction reinforce the brand and experience with the product. A blending of theme, colour and product will help the attendees remember the product long after the launch has finished.

2. Get creative with your branding – Posters, signs and projections are some of the most popular ways to bring branding into an event space, but have you ever thought of custom decaling on bars, lounges, light boxes or plinths? Get creative with the way that you interject your branding into the space. People are bombarded with posters, ads, campaigns and brands all day long so give them something to notice, examine and talk about. Below is the perfect example where we branded our spiralax lounge. The lounge is unique on its own and makes a great statement piece for any room, but add custom branding to the sides or seats to keep the product or brand at the forefront of guests minds.


3. Cater to social media opportunities – Potential customers are engaging in a very different way as the power of social media continues to grow. Harness the social media craze by having an amazing media wall or pop up photo booth area styled with amazing furniture, a suspended logo and a hash-tag to spread the word around. In the era of selfies everyone loves a good chance to snap a photo and show what they got up to so make this area enticing, engaging and exciting.


4. Create breakout spaces to interact with the product – There is nothing better to sell an amazing new product than letting guests use or engage with it. Create break out zones, booths, or areas for guests to interact with the new product. Here are two good contrasting examples – when one of our clients was launching a new haircare product that had ingredients with Moroccan roots we created a Moroccan casbah lounge for guests to relax in, get henna and have their hair styled with this new product. This lounge was luxurious and aligned with the premium nature of the product and gave guests an opportunity to experience it for themselves. In contrast for a client that was launching a new phone we created zoned sections within the venue where guests could experience the many facets of the new design. Each new space showcased a feature of the phone one area for them to take pictures and experience the quality of the camera, a bean bag chill out zone to play games on the phone etc. Although these two events had very different functions and aesthetics, it goes to show how you can create an interactive hub with appropriate styling to really enhance the product experience.Custom-Moroccan-spice-displ

5. Arrange the venue to draw attention to your product – Make sure you look at the flow activities fore the night and how guest movement can revolve around the product. For example if you are going to have canapés on arrival followed by a brief presentation on a stage, and then finishing with more canapés and drinks make sure the flow of the space is open so guests can fluidly move from one area to another and that they come into contact with the products as they move. Have guests mill through display cases during the cocktail hour, then be presented with the product features in the presentation in a different part of the room, and then open the display cases and circle guests back around for interaction at the end of the night.

Contact us today to speak to a stylist about amazing décor for your next product launch! We are here to help you bring your space to life and on par with your amazing product.

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