Corporate Event Themes – 5 Awesome Ideas

by Divine Events

It’s getting close to that time of year again, pinning down a theme and decorations for your annual gala dinner or corporate cocktail party. Every year you have to top last years theme and festivities while tailoring the whole experience for your company.

Below are some of our favourite event themes for 2018 and hopefully some fresh ideas or twists for you to consider for your next corporate event.


1. Back to the Future

The perfect’corporate event theme for 2018 as Back to the Future is celebrating its 30 year anniversary, and Back to the Future II was actually set in 2018. Although as a theme Back to the Future is a bit ambiguous, this makes it great for an office who loves to dress up and get a bit creative. You can style sections of the venue from each of the films – the 80’s, the future, the Wild West and last but not least the 1950’s. This theme is perfect for a venue that you can break into zones – a 1950’s dance floor completed with a chequered dance floor and silver drape, a wild west cocktail area with cactuses and western decor, and then a futuristic lounge setting. Finish of the space with a Delorean and you have the perfect theme to top 2017.

2. Alice in Wonderland

Another great flexible theme because it can be interpreted in many different ways – mad hatters party, high tea event, traditional Alice in Wonderland, or something a bit more modern and dark “down the rabbit hole”. Great for a venue that is a bit of a blank canvas and needs some colour and energy, or a space that has interesting elements like exposed beams or raw brick. Start off with a themed entrance with hedges and mushrooms, layer in colourful furniture such as the Alice or Tolix ranges add in moss bunnies, a giant lolly bar and you are set to go! Or if you are looking after a gala dinner you can theme the tables around parts of the books – Queen of Hearts tables, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum tables, and White Rabbit tables.

Alice in Wonderland

3. Nautical

An oldie but a goodie, the classic nautical theme can be reworked in a number of different ways with a bit of corporate event styling. Go for a South Pacific theme if you want to give it a vintage flair, or Gilligan’s Island if you want to bring castaways and the beach into play. You can also rework nautical into a very elegant and sophisticated look – think summer in the Hamptons. We have a wide range of furniture that suits this theme from the outdoor Capri range that pairs perfectly with nautical print cushions and wooden elements, to the brand new Florence range in a rich navy blue velvet for an up-scale Hamptons lounge. Chat to one of our stylists today to create the perfect nautical styling to suit your venue. Nautical-Themed-Event


4. Mexican Fiesta

This bright and colourful corporate event theme has popped up in the past year and we are loving it! Perfect for summertime events particularly for slightly more casual or laid back groups. It is easy turning your next event into a fiesta is easy with brightly coloured furniture and cushions, Mexican blanket throws, piñatas and other styling elements to bring your space to life. Our tolix range is perfect for this theme combined with simplistic white furniture, or our modern palette bar and tapas tables.

Mexican Fiesta

5. Indiana Jones

Think Raiders of the Lost Ark, or Ark of the Covenant. Rich leather and wood tones mixed in with wild plants and decor, throw in a treasure map and some vintage globes to bring this theme to life. Our Chesterfield Range is perfect for this look paired with a vintage suitcase coffee table, live ferns, and Blondie chandeliers. For a cocktail area, our modern Frankie range is perfect to transport your guests to the heart of Africa.

Indiana Jones


These ideas are only the beginning – contact us today to bring your unique corporate event theme to life! We love the challenge of coming up with creative corporate event styling so get in touch today for a customised concept and quotation.

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