8 Easy Corporate Event Styling Tips

by Divine Events

If you need a little extra zing for your next corporate event, then why not browse our list of easy corporate event styling tips? You’re guaranteed to find something to give your occasion a professional feel and then let us do the rest!

1. Know your theme. When planning a corporate event, know ahead of time what you’d like by way of colours, theme and tablescapes. If your event is focused around a particular message or mantra see how this can be incorporated into a creative theme or design to emphasize the message.

2. Know your guests. Are they business professionals? Or are they artists? Will it be mostly female guests, or a 50/50 split of male and female? Tailor the theme and design to best suit your audience and they will enjoy the night even more as it will resonate with their . For example when styling for an IT company that is primarily male we might still use flowers but stick to a citrus palette and make the arrangements sculptural and interesting rather than full and fluffy. Know what your audience will appreciate and enjoy

3. Know your budget. Styling tends to be the last element that gets booked in after the venue, catering, AV and entertainment so try and be mindful of this as you map out your budget and ensure you have set aside enough to achieve your desired look. If you are working within a tight budget focus on the big impact items such as coloured linen or a great centrepiece. For $20 a table you can have a beautiful coloured tablecloth that will fill the space with colour and bring a lot of vibrancy, versus $3 seat or around $30 per table for a decorative charger plate. Although we love our fabulous charger plates, they might not be the first item to allocate budget to.

4. Pick a colour or theme and stick to it. Whether it is gold, monochrome or a colour to suit your business or corporate event’s theme, try to keep the concept consistent and complimentary. Sometimes when too many elements and themes get pulled into a single space it can look a bit chaotic. Working to a palette is a great solution, for example if you selected a summer citrus palette (yellow, orange, coral, peach, pink) you can still layer colour and texture to make the space look vivacious and fun while making sure it looks beautiful. A great palette allows you to keep the space interesting and a feast for the eyes without it looking too jumbled. Keep it professional and stylish.

5. Pick a menu and styling to suit the time of day. If it’s an after dinner affair, consider desserts and coffee with aperitifs. Rich dark colour palettes nicely suit an evening events Classy candles and crystal vases would suit better than floral arrangements; colours could be soft, dark and muted. A day time conference may call for light, bright and airy with sandwiches and wine.

6. Don’t forget about lighting! If you are having a night time event make sure to take the time to visit the venue in the evening once it is dark. A space takes on a completely different mood after dark and you may find you need to throw in extra lighting such as up-lights, chandeliers or even just candlelight to make the space inviting on the night.

7.What kind of styling do you need? If you are having a formal sit down event a beautiful but comfortable dining chair paired with an elegant centrepiece has a bold impact. But if you are having a cocktail event then stylish occasional furniture might be a better fit – modern cocktail tables and stools, a few small breakout lounge pods, and a touch of candlelight to complete the look.

8. Consult an expert. Generally event styling services are complimentary when you hire products and centrepieces from a company, so talk to a stylist who will know the ins and outs of the venue, get a quote and a concept to review and build from there. Contact us today for a complimentary quote.

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